What is SMART SPP?

SMART SPP – innovation through sustainable procurement was a European project which promoted the introduction of new, innovative low carbon emission technologies and integrated solutions onto the European market. This was done by encouraging early market engagement between public authority procurers and suppliers and developers of new innovative products and services in the pre-procurement phase of public tenders. 

The project was supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe funding programme. It was a multi-partner initiative which involved experts from organisations across Europe. Further information on these organisations is available on the Partners page.

Technologies in focus

The project specifically focused on the following products and services:

  • Lighting systems (LED indoor and outdoor (street) lighting),
  • Electric vehicles systems (charging points and cars), and
  • Vending machines.

Project outcomes

SMART SPP developed a standard approach to pre-procurement of emerging technologies. The approach includes guidance on managing the risks in pre-procurement, assessing the financial benefits (life-cycle costing), and calculating and communicating the C02 savings.

Prior to the development of the standard approach, a needs analysis was conducted to ensure the outcomes of the project were as useful as possible to public authorities and their suppliers. In addition, existing best practice in the field of pre-procurement, legal considerations and appropriate solutions, technologies and suppliers to involve in the project were explored.

Tools, tender documents, manuals and training sessions were also developed to assist in building the capacity of public authorities who wish to use pre-procurement to purchase emerging technologies.

Outcomes of the project are available online.