Eleven partners that share extensive experience in the areas of sustainability, public procurement and sustainable innovation are carried out SMART SPP. 

ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability (project co-ordinator) is an international association of local governments and national and regional local government organisations that have made a commitment to sustainable development.
www.iclei-europe.org, www.procuraplus.org

Ecoinstitut Barcelona is a non-profit organisation that provides guidance to organisations in social and environmental change processes.

They are the SMART SPP regional co-ordinator for Spain.

Global to Local (G2L) assists public and private sector organisations to improve their environmental performance and mainstream sustainability.

G2L is the SMART SPP regional co-ordinator for the United Kingdom.

LNEG - Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia (LNEG), formerly known as INETI, is the largest public sector research and development institution in Portugal, focused on providing services to the public sector.

LNEG is the SMART SPP regional co-ordinator for Portugal.

Öko-Institut e.V. is a leading European research and consultancy institution working for a sustainable future with profound knowledge in life-cycle costing
and CO2 equivalent-monitoring.

The German Federal Association of Eco-Counselling is representing and qualifying the eco–counsellors work, providing awareness raising and training to organisations in Hungary and the Czech Republic in SMART SPP.

Barcelona City Council is a local government authority which services over 1.5 million residents in Barcelona, Spain.

Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) is a joint Committee of Local Authorities. It acts as a purchasing agent
for its member authorities and other customers and provides
a professional cost effective procurement and supply service.

The London Borough of Bromley is a local government authority and is London’s largest borough. It services a population of 300,000 residents.

The Cascais Energy Agency is a non-profit organisation created by the Local Authority of Cascais, Portugal. Its
main objective is to promote energy efficiency and the
use of energy from renewable sources.

The Municipality of Kolding is a local government
authority which services 86,000 residents in Kolding,