SMART technologies

Clean transport & Electric vehicles

EC Clean Energy Efficient Vehicles website, including policy documents, studies and latest news

AVERE (The European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) is a European network of industrial manufacturers and suppliers for electric vehicles. The Association's goal is to promote the use of Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and to rationalise the efforts of its member companies in the scientific and technological developments. It is composed of national Associations, 11 up to now, indirectly representing over 500 companies active in the field.

LED lighting

LED Professional – information portal and magazine including business, research and product news, events listings and buyers guides, edited by Luger Research – Institute for Innovation and Technology Business Unit, Austria.

LEDs Magazine – information portal and magazine including technical articles, case studies, market analysis and conference reports as well as news, product and event information, supplier listings and various background and technical resources, published by PennWell Corporation.
CombOLED is a European funded research and development project. The goal of CombOLED is to combine new device structures, advantageous manufacturing approaches and less complex materials with the aim to achieve cost effective OLED lighting solutions.

The goal of OLED100.eu, a EU 7FP-funded project, is to develop all the necessary technologies needed to produce efficient OLED products for exploitation by the European lighting industry.

Renewable energy heating & cooling

The EPBD Buildings Platform is a European Commission initiative in the framework of the IEE programme, which provides information services for practitioners and consultants, experts in energy agencies, interest groups and national policy makers in the European Member States for helping the implementation of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

IRENA (the International Renewable Energy Agency) aims at becoming the main driving force in promoting a rapid transition towards the widespread and sustainable use of renewable energy on a global scale, providing practical advice and support for both industrialised and developing countries. The agency will facilitate access to relevant information including reliable data on the potential of renewable energy, best practices, effective financial mechanisms and state-of-the-art technological expertise, as well as develop comprehensive solutions, such as fostering all types of renewable energy, and consider various renewable energy policies on the local, regional, and national level.

European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) aims to achieve acceptance of solar thermal as a key element for sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and to work for the implementation of all necessary steps to realise the high potential of solar thermal. ESTIF members include solar thermal associations, manufacturers, service providers and supporting institutions.

Transforming the market from "cooling" to "sustainable summer comfort" (Keep Cool II) is a project which aims to transform the market to achieve good summer comfort conditions with no or limited use of conventional energy and through the use of environmentally non-harmful materials.