Implementation in Kolding

All the news related to how the approaches and tools developed in SMART SPP are being put into practice by the Municipality of Kolding (Denmark) are available on this page. The information has been previously published in the SMART SPP Updates.

Kolding is the public authority piloting the SMART SPP approach in Denmark, and their activities are being supported by ICLEI.

For more information, please contact Bente Møller Jessen from Kolding or Philipp Tepper from ICLEI.

Update from February 2011

Kolding goes for climate-friendly lighting solutions

The journey towards purchasing energy efficient lighting for Kolding’s municipal offices (Denmark) has led to the publication of a call for tender at the EU level at the beginning of February (deadline 28 February 2011). Led by the City's Environment Department, the tender calls for the supply of highly energy efficient replacement light bulbs (such as light emitting diodes or LEDs) on behalf of the 12-City Purchasing Group. The 12-City Purchasing Group comprises of the Danish cities of Esbjerg, Fredericia, Herning, Holstebro, Ikast-Brande, Kolding, Middelfart, Odense, Randers, Silkeborg, Svendborg, Sønderborg, Vejle and Århus.

Various environmental characteristics have been included as technical specifications, such as requirements for lighting efficiency and product life spans. Purchasing price and other operational costs will be considered when it comes to awarding the contract to one or several suppliers. Consultation about which sustainability issues to include in the tender documents was done during the market engagement phase, prior to tendering.

Update from September 2010

Dialoguing with the market to obtain most innovative LEDs

Earlier on this year, the Municipality of Kolding decided to focus its SMART SPP pre-procurement activities on replacing their standard office light bulbs (E27 and E14) by purchasing LEDs and low-voltage lamps. To make the purchase more attractive for suppliers, Kolding has been sounding out the interest of other Danish cities to combine their purchasing power and jointly purchase the lighting equipment.

The joint purchase sparked substantial interest among several cities, following an information session organised by Kolding beginning of March where an invitation to join the tender and the SMART SPP project were presented. The Danish purchasing network – the 12-City Group – accepted the offer of participating in the tendering process.

Following agreement on purchasing volumes, decisions about the product characteristics (to be included as Technical Specifications) of the purchase required considerable deliberation. Potential suppliers of LED bulbs were given the opportunity to inform themselves about the planned activities at a subsequent information session hosted by Kolding. What is more, the session served to gather information from suppliers for use in fine-tuning the product characteristics of the purchase, which best lead to encouraging an innovative response from the market. The Danish Lighting Centre, Kolding's technical partner, was also involved in the session; the two will continue the dialogue process with the market aiming to make a final decision by mid October on the precise wording of the technical specifications, with the call for tender scheduled to be published by mid December.

Update from March 2010

The challenges of purchasing LED lighting systems

Early in the SMART SPP project, the Municipality of Kolding chose to focus its pre-procurement action on finding innovative, energy efficient alternatives to standard office lighting, such as fluorescent light tubes for room and desk lighting. LED-lighting and passive lighting (light tubes) were the favoured options and were thus explored in more detail.

The Municipality's pre-procurement strategy group held a meeting in December to discuss the practicalities of the procurement action – time plan, financial resources including life-cycle costing (LCC), purchase and technical partners (for instance, the Danish Centre for Lighting) and purchase volume were all on the agenda.

Kolding's initial plan was to exchange their conventional fluorescent light tubes for LED light tubes. However, following extensive consultation with lighting experts from the Danish Centre for Lighting, as well as testing done on municipal premises, the plan was too premature for the type of technology offered on the market. Within the timeframe of SMART SPP, it seems that the LED lighting tubes sought cannot match the efficiency levels of their counterparts – Kolding's own tests showed that 25 percent more armatures would be required to achieve the lighting (lumen) levels necessary. Purchasing the LED technology would require a much higher financial investment than was foreseen (incurring higher costs for materials and electricians) making the payback time too long and therefore not feasible. Finally, the decision taken by the Municipality is to pilot the pre-procurement procedures by purchasing LEDs, to replace standard office light bulbs (E27, E14) and low voltage lamps.

Update from September 2009

Encouraging sustainable innovation through procurement in Denmark

National and regional promotion of the SMART SPP project actions in Denmark has been one of the main activities that the Danish SMART SPP project partner, the City of Kolding, has been working on during the last couple of months.

The SMART SPP project generated quite some interest after it was presented at the Danish national Green Purchasing Conference, GreenBiz09, in Copenhagen on 1 September 2009. However, the highlight of the conference was the award for outstanding achievements in the area of green procurement that the City of Kolding received. The award was given by the Danish Panel for Professional Environmental Responsible Purchasing, launched by the Ministry for the Environment in 2003.

Further to the promotional activities, more targeted efforts are being made by the local authority partners from the City of Kolding to encourage sustainable innovation, through public procurement, on a larger scale in Denmark. Kolding are currently looking into finding a national Danish organisation to serve as a contact point to promote the topic as well as a national contact point that would provide technical support for tendering innovative lighting systems.

Update from February 2009

The Municipality of Kolding to focus on pre-procurement of lighting systems

One of the first outcomes of the SMART SPP project was a needs assessment for the Municipality of Kolding. The main needs identified were: assistance with assessing legal risks in pre-procurement, especially on competitive dialogue schemes and the development of life-cycle costing and CO2 assessment tools, designed for advanced procurement activities.

Kolding chose to focus on finding innovative, energy efficient alternatives to standard lighting such as fluorescent light tubes for room and desk lighting across Kolding municipal buildings. The lighting system should be compatible with existing light casings and have a short payback time. Furthermore, solutions in the field of LED lighting and passive lighting (light tubes) will be explored.

The pre-procurement process developed through SMART SPP will be tested on a tender for a  two-year framework contract for lighting services (including maintenance and light bulbs) that will be renewed in April 2011.