Implementation in Portugal

All the news related to how the approaches and tools developed in SMART SPP are being put into practice by partners from Portugal are available on this page. The information presented here has been previously published in the SMART SPP Updates.

The Cascais Energy Agency and the Municipality of Torres Vedras (Torres Vedras is an Associate Partner of the project) are two public bodies piloting the SMART SPP approach. Cascais and Torres Vedras' activities are being supported by Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia (LNEG).

For more information, please contact Paula Trindade from LNEG.

Update from February 2011

Energy efficient street lighting purchase in Cascais

Information gathered by the Municipality of Cascais from companies that participated in the market engagement process (which ran until last September), are now being used to fine tune sustainability requirements to be included in tender documents. A list of the sustainability requirements, which include avoidance of toxic substances, eco-design and life-cycle costing, are presented in a recent case study published by the European Commission.
Publication of the call for tender is expected to occur in the coming weeks.

Plans for purchasing energy efficient mini-buses in Torres Vedras put on hold

The plans to purchase a highly energy efficient mini-bus for passenger transportation inside Lisbon's historical city centre, as announced in a previous newsletter, have temporarily been put on hold by the Municipality of Torres Vedras.

The bids presented following the recent publication of the call for tender failed to meet the technical requirements laid out by the municipal authority. These, however, were unrelated to the environmental requirements included. A new tendering procedure (call) will be published in the coming weeks by the Municipality of Torres Vedras.

Update from September 2010

Engaging with LED suppliers in Cascais

This summer saw the start of the market engagement process in Cascais to prepare for the upcoming tendering action for highly energy efficient outdoor lighting, through the purchase of light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Eleven suppliers of LEDs were invited to take part in informal meetings with the Municipality of Cascais to discuss the products they have available for susatinable outdoor lighting. The one-to-one meetings were held during July and August and were organised by the Municipality of Cascais. Prior to the meetings taking place, suppliers were sent a questionnaire so that they could validate the technical characteristics that were under consideration for the upcoming purchase. These formed the baseline for subsequent discussions with the Municipality. The companies which participated in the meetings provided new insights of existing standards and the opportunities available for innovation.

The information gathered during the supplier engagement process is proving essential for the understanding and improvement of the LED procurement criteria which will be used in Cascais' pilot activities on sustainable procurement.

Update from March 2010

Cascais and Torres Vedras initiate SMART SPP activities in Portugal

The Portuguese local government project partners, Cascais and Torres Vedras, have begun putting their innovation focused sustainable procurement local action plans into place by setting up their working groups and scheduling a workshop inviting possible suppliers.

Cascais will refurbish the outside area of the Environmental Centre of Pedra do Sal with LED lighting technology. The pilot project shall include the installation of 43 LED luminaries.

A multidisciplinary team has been set up within the Municipality which includes participation from staff working for Cascais energy agency, the lighting, public works and maintenance departments, and the company responsible for the management of Pedra do Sal. The team has begun discussing  the procurement needs, as well a preliminary definition of purchasing criteria. The main LED suppliers have been identified and supplier engagement activities are planned.

The Municipality of Torres Vedras, in Lisbon, plans to purchase a highly energy efficient mini-bus for passenger transportation inside Lisbon's historical city centre.

Technicians from Cascais and Torres Vedras working on procurement, environment and public works will be invited to a training session on the use of the SMART SPP LCC-CO2 Tool on the 4 March. A joint supplier workshop will follow the training on the 25 March which will see parallel sessions on both electric vehicles and LED lighting.

Update from September 2009

LED street in Torres Vedras

The Municipality of Torres Vedras has inaugurated their first LED street under the EU-funded Public Procurement boosts Energy Efficiency project (pro-ee). The lighting system was produced by EnergiaViva, a national company, also involved in the SMART SPP project activities in Portugal.

The LED street in Torres Vedras is part of a growing number of similar initiatives in Portugal, whereby local governments are increasingly able to take advantage of the new and more efficient light emitting diode technologies. The municipalities of Barreiro, and Pombal already have their own LED street lighting installations, whilst these are in the planning stages for other municipalities, such as Cascais and Beja.

Update from February 2009

The Municipality of Torres Vedras joins as Associate Partner

In Portugal, lighting systems and highly energy efficient electric vehicles (especially passenger cars) were identified as the most interesting products for pre-procurement activities.

The Municipality of Torres Vedras became an associated public authority in SMART SPP project, joining LNEG and the Municipality of Cascais in regional activities.

Contacts with company Energia Viva/Exporlux, which operates as LED lighting producer and offers financial services for initial investment costs and maintenance were made and co-operation is envisaged, namely the trial of LED lighting in one street in Cascais or Torres Vedras.