Implementation in the UK

All the news related to how the approaches and tools developed in SMART SPP are being put into practice by partners from the United Kingdom (UK) are available on this page. The information presented here has been previously published in the SMART SPP Updates.

The Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) and the London Borough of Bromley are the two public bodies piloting the SMART SPP approach. ESPO and Bromley's activities are being supported by Global to Local.

For more information, please contact Peter Joyce from Global to Local.

Update from February 2011

Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation purchase LED lighting

The Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) is working to let a contract for LED lighting for car parks controlled by Cambridge City Council. The framework contract will enable ESPO to choose from a range of suppliers for similar energy saving lighting technologies in future. The contract for Cambridge will allow the local authority to make significant savings in energy and maintenance costs.

ESPO will enter into a dialogue with potential suppliers prior to tendering with a view of facilitating the tendering process and the end results, that is, the lighting supplies. The LCC-CO2 developed through SMART SPP will also be used in conjunction with a conventional tender evaluation process to test its suitability for future contracts. It is anticipated that the contract will be let by the spring of 2011.

In a further development, Leicestershire County Council will also be trialing the LCC-CO2 tool on a vehicle procurement exercise managed by ESPO on behalf of the County Council. This will involve a comparison of using a traditional tender evaluation method with the one provided through the LCC-CO2 tool to inform future policies.

Energy efficient office lighting for Bromley's offices

Similar to ESPO, the London Borough of Bromley is also piloting the early market engagement approach with one of their sustainable lighting tenders. The approach was recently used to support a trial of internal office lighting in Bromley’s Civic Offices. This has proved successful, and the trial is being extended at present to include the retro-fitting of LED lighting to the wider office environment of the Civic Centre.

Update from September 2010

Engaging suppliers of sustainable lighting and vehicles

The UK-based SMART SPP project partners will be holding a seminar on 11 October in London for suppliers of low energy lighting and sustainable vehicle technologies. The seminar will bring together both procurers and potential suppliers to contribute to the process of engaging the market. The venue for the seminar, 15Hatfields, is known for its green credentials.

The seminar will present potential suppliers with progress to date by UK partners Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) and the London Borough of Bromley. In addition, an outline of the SMART SPP six-step engagement process and the LCC-CO2 Tool will be given. Other cities interested in the activities will also be invited to participate, such as those partnering in the Procura+ Sustainable Procurement Campaign.

Update from March 2010

Working in partnership to achieve the best results

Since the partners last met in Barcelona, in September, the UK SMART SPP team of Global to Local; the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO); and the London Borough of Bromley, together with the Associate Partner the Greater London Authority, have been busy planning arrangements for the potential procurement of a large number of electric vehicles for the London Metropolitan Police Authority. In a new development, the purchasing unit at Bromley, led by Dave Starling, are in discussion with the Police authority with a view to applying the SMART SPP principles of pre-procurement engagement outlined in the SMART SPP Guide and Tool. These will be used to help to achieve a result which will maximise the benefits of collaborative working to obtain the right sustainable products for the right price.

The UK partners have been surprised by the fast march of progress made recently in providing sustainable vehicles which meet rigorous performance specifications whilst being fit for purpose. By bringing together procurers and suppliers, the team intend to ensure that pre-procurement engagement is used to the full. This will include joint workshops in June this year (on electric vehicles and LED lighting) where ideas will be shared by all stakeholders in the project, whether on the supplier or procurer side of the process.

Update from September 2009

ESPO and Bromley get SMART

Both SMART SPP implementation partners from the UK - London Borough of Bromley and the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) - have made extensive progress in relation to SMART SPP over the last few weeks, with some exciting publicity and practical activity taking place.

SMART SPP was featured heavily at the recent two day Sustainable Purchasing Conference in Norfolk, UK. ESPO featured a SMART SPP display stand at the event and answered questions on behalf of delegates. A similar display will be featured at the Society of Procurement Officers (SOPO) Annual Conference in November this year. The Annual Conference will be attended by all seven of the main purchasing organisations servicing the UK, totalling over £2 billion per annum in spending.

The London Borough of Bromley has also been busy in their sustainable innovation actions. Staff at the borough council have already installed trial LED panels in the Property Department of the local Civic Centre to replace conventional fluorescent units. The feedback from staff has so far been very positive in relation to the quality and intensity of the light in their work environment. Bromley are now considering the installation of LED units during the course of refurbishment of a larger office block area in local Civic Centre.

Update from February 2009

LED lighting trials in the UK

One of the technologies that will be a focus of the SMART SPP   project is LED lighting systems. Specifically, industrial grade LEDs which have the capability of matching any type of alternative/conventional technology in terms of light output.

The London Borough of Bromley and the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation are currently looking into pre-procurement activities relating to LED lighting systems.

Together with national SMART SPP partner, Global to Local, these public authorities will be closely observing the results of a number of LED trials occurring in the UK. One major hotel in London has been using LED technology for nearly two years and there are other sites trialling it at present. These trials indicate that up to 80% of energy can be saved and cost savings are considerable.  An example of this is a small hospital which used 65 LED units in a ward and over a ten year period the cost savings were in the region of £150,000.