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-   Czech and Hungarian public authorities step up to the challenges of smart procurement

-   Revising the SMART SPP Guidance

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-   Update on Barcelona’s smart procurement activities

-   Denmark: Kolding goes for climate-friendly lighting solutions

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-   Update on Portugal’s smart procurement activities

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1. SMART SPP news

Czech and Hungarian public authorities step up to the challenges of smart procurement

The recent months saw the start of the SMART SPP reach out activities both in the Czech Republic and Hungary. These have taken the form of one day events used to raise awareness among public sector representatives involved in public procurement and sustainability.

The activities have been led by the German Federal Association of Eco-counselling (bfub), who has partnered with its member organisations in Hungary and in the Czech Republic - Hungarian Network of Eco-counselling Offices and the Czech Eco-Counselling Network (STEP) – to bring together the right people, and thereby assist transferability.

The event was well timed for Czech public sector representatives, in particular, given the recent publication of the National Green Public Procurement Action Plan last year by the national government. The Action Plan, effective as of 1 November 2010, makes it obligatory for national ministries to include environmental considerations in their purchasing decisions.

The six-step approach for innovation-oriented procurement was positively received by delegates at both events - in Prague (on November 30), and in Budapest (on December 9) - even if advanced. The tool used to calculate the life-cycle cost (LCC) and assess the CO2 emissions of products, designed to support the application of the six-step approach, was considered useful. By June, a Hungarian translation of the tool and user guide is expected; and will be developed in co-operation with the Hungarian Public Procurement Institute. Pursuing a green purchasing strategy is high on the agenda in both countries, where delegates are also keen to expand their knowledge base in using more pioneering approaches to achieve more innovative results.

For more information, please contact Inse Ewen from the bfub. 

Revising the SMART SPP Guidance

The final versions of the SMART SPP guidance package will be published in May this year. They will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish. The package includes:

  • A guide on how to procure innovative solutions
  • An LCC-CO2 tool for calculating life-cycle costs and CO2 emissions within procurement (also to be published in German)

The draft versions currently available online are being revised following feedback from the pilot implementation activities taking place within the project in four countries. The guide will contain a number of practical examples from these activities. The LCC-CO2 tool has also been adapted to improve user-friendliness.

The revised guidance package will be available on the SMART SPP website. For more information, please contact

2. Get involved!

Conference on smart procurement on 29 June in Brussels - Save the date!

The Basque Country EU-Office (in Brussels) is the generous host of the Smart procurement - Reducing costs & saving energy conference, set for 29 June in Brussels. The one day event promises to cater to the interests and needs of those working on or with public sector purchasing and sustainability in the EU.

The latest information and perspectives from European policy makers (European Commission and European Parliament) on how public purchasing can be used strategically to boost innovation and sustainability, particularly energy efficiency, will be one of the main topics debated. Smaller sessions will also be run to provide hands on advice to procurers on how to award contracts based on the whole life costs and CO2 emissions of products.

Registration form and a preliminary version of the programme will be available in March at For inquiries, please contact Amalia Ochoa from ICLEI.

Take part in a regional seminar near you

In addition to the conference in Brussels, a number of events of a national (or regional) nature will be organised by the SMART SPP partners in the lead up to the end of the project in late August. The events will be used to promote the guidance developed and the practical experiences from the project partners in each of the partnering cities.

Public sector representatives involved in procurement and companies interested in supplying to the public sector will be the main target groups of the events.

Dates and venues in Barcelona, Cascais (Portugal), Kolding (Denmark) and London will be published on The events will take place during the months of May to July. For inquiries, please contact Amalia Ochoa from ICLEI.

Stay informed about SMART SPP

To keep up to date with the project's developments and news related to sustainable procurement for promoting innovation in energy efficiency, sign up  to receive this newsletter. The SMART SPP Update is published every six months. Visit the homepage to subscribe.

3. SMART SPP in your region

Electric vehicle charging points 

Barcelona City Council’s main activity in SMART SPP has been the market engagement activities and tendering for electric vehicle charging points. The activity, however, has grown beyond the scope of the project and has been taken on by a public-private initiative which promotes pilot projects through living labs, and among the private sector (hotels, car parks, etc.).

Following the development of the LCC-CO2 tool, an analysis is being made of the life-cycle costs and CO2 emissions associated with supplies purchased. Although the information will not affect the contract with the supplier, it will serve to monitor and inform future actions. The practicalities of collecting the information required to make the calculations are posing difficult, however.

Sustainable, healthy and fair vending machines

Further to the purchase of electric vehicle charging points, the SMART SPP project partners in Barcelona are also working on developing a new concept that embraces sustainability for municipal vending machine services. This action also forms part of local implementation activities organised within the project’s framework.

Barcelona's City Council organised a seminar (on October 22) to inform potential suppliers of their plans – namely, upcoming tendering activities and the City Council’s new priorities regarding sustainability. Questionnaires were distributed among participants of the event with the view of obtaining information about the availability of new technologies which include green and socially responsible characteristics, such as limiting energy consumption (through LEDs, refrigeration improvements, for example) and offering fair trade products. Information is being collated to design the sustainability requirements that will be included in tendering and contractual documents awaiting publication. Calculating the LCC and CO2 emissions associated with the various offers presented will also form part of the activity.

More details about Barcelona’s activities can be found here. Alternatively, please contact Helena Estevan from Ecoinstitut Barcelona.

Kolding goes for climate-friendly lighting solutions

The journey towards purchasing energy efficient lighting for Kolding’s municipal offices (Denmark) has led to the publication of a call for tender at the EU level at the beginning of February (deadline 28 February 2011). Led by the City’s Environment Department, the tender calls for the supply of highly energy efficient replacement light bulbs (such as light emitting diodes or LEDs) on behalf of the 12-City Purchasing Group. The 12-City Purchasing Group comprises of the Danish cities of Esbjerg, Fredericia, Herning, Holstebro, Ikast-Brande, Kolding, Middelfart, Odense, Randers, Silkeborg, Svendborg, Sønderborg, Vejle and Århus.

Various environmental characteristics have been included as technical specifications, such as requirements for lighting efficiency and product life spans. Purchasing price and other operational costs will be considered when it comes to awarding the contract to one or several suppliers. Consultation about which sustainability issues to include in the tender documents was done during the market engagement phase, prior to tendering.

More information about Kolding’s market engagement activities can be found here. Alternatively, please contact Bente Møller Jessen from Kolding Municipality.

United Kingdom
Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation purchase LED lighting

The Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) is working to let a contract for LED lighting for car parks controlled by Cambridge City Council. The framework contract will enable ESPO to choose from a range of suppliers for similar energy saving lighting technologies in future. The contract for Cambridge will allow the local authority to make significant savings in energy and maintenance costs.

ESPO will enter into a dialogue with potential suppliers prior to tendering with a view of facilitating the tendering process and the end results, that is, the lighting supplies. The LCC-CO2 developed through SMART SPP will also be used in conjunction with a conventional tender evaluation process to test its suitability for future contracts. It is anticipated that the contract will be let by the spring of 2011.

In a further development, Leicestershire County Council will also be trialing the LCC-CO2 tool on a vehicle procurement exercise managed by ESPO on behalf of the County Council. This will involve a comparison of using a traditional tender evaluation method with the one provided through the LCC-CO2 tool to inform future policies.

Energy efficient office lighting for Bromley's offices

Similar to ESPO, the London Borough of Bromley is also piloting the early market engagement approach with one of their sustainable lighting tenders. The approach was recently used to support a trial of internal office lighting in Bromley’s Civic Offices. This has proved successful, and the trial is being extended at present to include the retro-fitting of LED lighting to the wider office environment of the Civic Centre.

More details about the implementation activities in the UK can be found here. Alternatively, please contact Peter Joyce from Global to Local.

Energy efficient street lighting purchase in Cascais

Information gathered by the Municipality of Cascais from companies that participated in the market engagement process (which ran until last September), are now being used to fine tune sustainability requirements to be included in tender documents. A list of the sustainability requirements, which include avoidance of toxic substances, eco-design and life-cycle costing, are presented in a recent case study published by the European Commission.

Publication of the call for tender is expected to occur in the coming weeks.

Plans for purchasing energy efficient mini-buses in Torres Vedras put on hold

The plans to purchase a highly energy efficient mini-bus for passenger transportation inside Lisbon's historical city centre, as announced in a previous newsletter, have temporarily been put on hold by the Municipality of Torres Vedras.

The bids presented following the recent publication of the call for tender failed to meet the technical requirements laid out by the municipal authority. These, however, were unrelated to the environmental requirements included. A new tendering procedure (call) will be published in the coming weeks by the Municipality of Torres Vedras.

For more details about the implementation activities in Portugal can be found here. Alternatively, please contact Paula Trindade from LNEG.

4. Other News

Join a peer to peer exchange on innovation and procurement for sustainable construction

Fostering sustainable construction and innovation through public procurement is what the SCI-Network is all about. The Network seeks to bring together public authorities from across Europe to jointly identify new innovative solutions in construction, and examine how innovation can best be encouraged within construction procurement.

Participation in the network is free, and there are currently 40 public authorities participating, including the cities of London, Turin, Copenhagen and Helsinki. Five working groups have been set up on topics of relevance to the construction projects of the participants.

  1. Innovation in sustainable renovation - application of environmental assessment systems
  2. New Technical Solutions
  3. Procuring Innovation – Procedures & Methods
  4. Whole-life Costing (or life-cycle costing - LCC)
  5. Financing and Contracting

Visit the SCI-Network today and explore your opportunities for a peer to peer exchange on sustainable construction. Alternatively, please contact Franziska Singer from ICLEI for more information.

5. Events

To keep up to date, plan your attendance and contribute to the various topics linked to the SMART SPP project, visit our online Events Calendar

Highlights of some upcoming events are:

2 March 2011, London, UK

Procurex National 2011
8-9 March 2011, Birmingham, UK

18th BUVKO Environmental and Transport Congress
18-20 March 2011, Trier, Germany

Veicoli Elettrici Show Italy
24-26 March 2011, Parma, Italy

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