Smart Procurement - Reducing Costs and Saving Energy

Conference on 29 June 2011, 9:30-16:00, Brussels, Belgium

Mitigating and adapting to climate change will require the development of new and innovative low carbon emission solutions and technologies for lighting, vehicles, heating and cooling systems, information and communication technologies (ICT) and electricity production.

Many companies, however, are reluctant to invest in the development of innovative technologies when there is uncertainty about the size of the market for these products.

Public authorities purchase large volumes of these products and they have a responsibility to their communities to reduce the carbon emissions of the products and services they buy. Demand from public authorities for innovative technologies can therefore play an important role in the development and mainstreaming of these technologies.


Results from the conference

  • Presentations from the event available >>here
  • Photos from the conference available >>here
  • Press release (in English) published on 30 June 2011: "Cities lead the charge for change to sustainable procurement through market engagement" [English, pdf file]


Sparkling discussions at Breakfast at Sustainability's!

The Basque Country EU-Office (in Brussels) hosted the Smart procurement - Reducing costs & saving energy conference, which took place on June 29 in Brussels.

The event began with the discussion of EU policy objectives for making public procurement more sustainable. Delegates participated in a lively debate with members from the European Parliament and the Commission, as well as members of the business community, such as TCO Development and Aiguasol (Spain). The morning session formed part of the Breakfast at Sustainability's event series - a series of events organised by ICLEI on urban sustainable development in Brussels.

Following the networking lunch, sponsored by TCO Development, a number of breakout sessions were held to provide hands-on training and practical advice for procurement practitioners.