Regional event in the United Kingdom

13 July 2011, Leicester, United Kingdom

SMART SPP's national partner in the UK, Global to Local, together with Bromley Council organised a one-day seminar to present the achievements of SMART SPP, with a particular focus on the outcomes and implications for UK public authorities and suppliers to the public sector.

The event focused on the ways, means and suitable methodologies available to enable public authorities to procure sustainable innovations that are highly energy efficient. This included approaches on how to reduce internal and external barriers in the various organisations, and companies involved.

Read the about the outcomes of the event:

  • Report from the workshop [pdf file]
  • Presentation delivered by Peter Joyce, Global to Local [pdf file]
  • Presentation delivered by Philips UK: Latest LED lighting technology solutions [pdf file]
  • Workshop programme [pdf file]

For more information, please contact Peter Joyce from Global to Local.