Procurement notices

Prior Information Notice (PIN)

  • LED solutions for traffic lights, LED solutions for street lighting and (O)LED solutions for office lighting, including retrofitting solutions
  • Full EV solutions, including passenger cars and duty vehicles used in public authorities as well as complete system solutions, including plug-in EV and refilling stations
  • RES heating cooling solutions, including solar adsorption chiller for municipal buildings and other technology solutions currently in the end R&D phases
  • Solid State Technology based ICT equipment

Tenders published


SMART SPP Partner, the Barcelona City Council, published a contract notice in 2010 for the installation and maintenance of charging points for electric mobility. The contract notice in Spanish can be downloaded >>here.

Contact for further information: mcampanero@bcn.cat



SMART SPP Associate Partner, the Municipality of Torres Vedras, published a contract notice (on 1 June 2011) through Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) to purchase an electric mini-bus for passenger transportation inside Torres Vedras's historical centre. The contract notice is available here

Deadline for submitting bids was 20 July 2011.

Contact for further information: isabel.malaquias@cm-tvedras.pt


The Municipality of Cascais went through the early market engagement phase using the SMART SPP LCC-CO2 tool and identifying core specifications in relation to an upcoming tender planned for end of 2011 on the replacement of street lighting with LED solutions. Further information is available in Portuguese here.

Contact for further information: fernando.pais@cascaisenergia.org



A contract notice was published through Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) by the Municipality of Kolding to purchase supplies of energy efficient light bulbs for offices (deadline 28 February 2011).

Companies supplying innovative highly energy efficient light bulbs were invited to respond to the Contract Notice >>download (EN) and the Danish version >>download [pdf files downloaded from TED]

Contact for more information: Bente Moller Jessen from the Municipality of Kolding.

United Kingdom

ESPO on behalf of its members including the London Borough of Bromley published a framework agreement contract notice in 2011 on lighting equipment and electric lamps worth up to 4,000.000 GBP. The notice can be downloaded here.

Beforehand, the SMART SPP partners in the UK published a tender via the OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) for the supply of electric vehicles. The tender was published by the Greater London Authority (represented by Transport for London - SMART SPP Associate Partner), the London Borough of Bromley and the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO).

Companies supplying innovative highly energy efficient electric vehicles systems were invited to respond to the Contract Notice >>download [pdf file]

The Contract notice is also available at Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) >>more and was issued in Spain, too (>>Spanish version).